Gun cleaning will keep a firearm in optimal condition, ensuring the best accuracy. Regular cleaning can also help to reduce the chances of malfunction. Gun cleaning must occur on an ongoing basis

Greg Wiszniewski

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Occasional Hunter/
Sport shooter

a. Pro-Hunter Lock &          Barrel Oil
b. Pro-Hunter Stock            Preserver
c. Pro-Hunter Barrel            Solvent
    200 ml cans

Dedicated Hunter/
Sport shooter

a. Pro-Hunter Ultimate      Cu2 Solvent
   100 ml bottle

Case Prepping                         

a. Pro-Hunter Case sizing and reforming wax
b. Application media (with Dry Neck Lube)
c. Dry Neck Lube

Pro Hunter Miscellaneous

a. Cleaning Patches

> Small = 100

> Medium = 50

> Large = 50

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